Visualize Web Accessibility with Browser-Based Bookmarklets

Jon Gunderson, Ph.D.

Accessible Information Technology Group

Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services

College of Applied Health Sciences

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


January 20th

Illinois Web Master Workshop


  1. Overview
  2. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
  3. Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) 1.0
  4. HTML 5
  5. HTML 5: main element
  6. Bookmarklet Advantages
  7. Bookmarklet Features
  8. Bookmarklet Installation and Demonstration
  9. Test Pages
  10. Submit an Issue or Idea
  11. Acknowledgements
  12. Possible next steps in bookmarklet development and discussion
  13. Tools User Group
  14. Other Accessibility Resources