Bootstrap.js Dynamic Web Accessibility and “SkipTo” Page Navigation

Jon Gunderson and Victor Trasan

Division of Disability Resources and Educational Services

University of Illinois

2015 CSUN Conference

Presentation Home Page


  1. Overview
  2. Bootstrap.js
  3. Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin
  4. Bootstrap Accessibility Example
  5. Bootstrap Sortable Tables
  6. Inaccessible Sortable Tables
  7. Accessible Sortable Table
  8. Carousels (e.g Image/News Item Rotators)
  9. Bootstrap 3.2 Carousel Example
  10. Accessibility Issues of Carousel
  11. Bootstrap 3.2 + A11y Plug-in Carousel Example
  12. Prototype Carousel Being Tested by Open Accessibility Alliance JS Library Group
  13. SkipTo plugin by PayPal Accessibility Team
  14. SkipTo Example Site: California Housing Finance Agency
  15. Enhanced SkipTo Example: Functional Accessibility Evaluator 2.0
  16. Javascript Library Accessbility Group
  17. Acknowledgements